Germany: Part 3

Hello everyone! I hope that you are having a fantastic day today! Now I will continue where I left off last time. Enjoy!
Thursday, July 2, 2015. This morning, Caleb had a checkup. All went well, and afterwards we went to have some brunch. I have to say that I am falling in love with German breakfasts. I mean who doesn’t love bread, meat, cheese, and jams?
breafast before & after
After our delicious brunch (where I tried salmon. I loved it!), we walked around for a little bit, & I got this super cute picture of Mogi & Caleb!
Mogi & Caleb 2
That afternoon Kristyn, Caleb, and I hung around the house, and Mogi went to work. Then after dinner, Mogi took me to an organ concert in an old monastery. We both agreed that while it was really cool, it lasted way to long. After the concert, we walked around the wall surrounding the monastery. It was cool to look through the windows & see some houses. It was also beginning to get dark, so I got to capture the sunset. It was pretty magnificent!

Sunset from the wall

picture from a window on the wall surrounding the monastery
As we were driving home, Mogi asked if I wanted ice cream, so of course the answer was yes! He parked, then we walked to the same ice cream shop that Kristyn, Caleb, and I ate at a few days before. But this time I wanted chocolate, so I got this massive bowl of chocolate ice cream, whipped cream, and chocolate sauce. It was pretty amazing!
chocolate ice cream
As we were walking back to the car, Mogi ran into some friends. To avoid being awkward, I snapped this shot of Schwäbisch Hall at night. I personally really like it because of the watery reflection & the sky.
Schwäbisch Hall @ night

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Germany: Part 2

Hello everyone!! Happy belated July 4/ Independence Day!!! I hope your day has been full of American goodness & lots of yummy food & good times with your friends, family, neighbors, etc!! I celebrated by BBQing some homemade hamburgers as my something American for the day. Anywho, I will now continue from where I left off in my last blog.

Sunday, June 28, 2015. For breakfast we made pancakes & fruit salad. YUMMY!! Church was in the afternoon, so we just had the morning to hang around. And that morning was very important to my uncle, as he was going to make me my first cup of German coffee. I had told him before that I didn’t like coffee, but that I was willing to try anything. So he made me a latte, and…. I really did not like it at all!!! I would post a reaction picture, but I really don’t want that face on the internet, so I won’t. Kristyn also let me try her iced cappucino another day (which is about 80% milk, 18% coffee, 2% sugar & ice cubes), and I still found the coffee too bitter.

i don't like coffee

For lunch, we headed to Oma’s (Mogi’s grandmother) where she cooks every Sunday for Mogi’s parents, but Mogi & Kristyn only go every few weeks. She made us ham, mashed cauliflower, and baked potatoes. I ate the ham and tried the cauliflower, but I did not like the cauliflower, so Kristyn ate it. After lunch, it was time for coffee & cakes. As we figured out earlier, I really don’t like coffee, so I just ate some cake. However, that was fine by me!

We headed home after Oma’s, because we still had a few hours before church. When we got home, I changed because I had a cute outfit idea. And who knew when the next time I could kind of dress up would be? (I guess I should point out that today’s church was a big Passion meeting of all the small groups to give testimonies, have some worship, and have a short message). At church, a few people spoke English and came up and said ”hi” to me. If you were one of those people, danke (thanks!). Kristyn translated it all for me, as you know, they spoke German. There were some really awesome testimonies! The worship was in German, so I just made up my own words. And the message was really cool. It was about God’s glory. Sometimes He works through us, and sometimes He works just by himself. Both are really awesome!!

After church, we Skyped my grandparents (aka Kristyn & my mom’s parents). I also FaceTimed with Abby Sams & my family, as she was at my house. It was so good to talk to her & the rest of the clan!! <3 We had dinner (but no one remembers what we had. It has been about a week..). Mogi read a passage out of Galatians, and then we all dicussed it. We also had communion as a little family. Then we all went to bed.

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Germany: Part 1

Well, I made it to Germany!! Thank you all so much for your prayers!! I felt totally at peace and safe the whole trip! It was definitely Jesus! Now let me catch you up on all that has happened so far.

Mom & Johanna dropped me off at the airport, and off I went! Mom & Jo sending me off

The plane rides went very smoothly, and all my seat mates were very friendly. On the first two flights, I had men who feel asleep, so I just read the Kindle & the airplane magazine. Here is a picture of the wing of the plane & the sky from my Charlotte to Philadelphia flight.

typical wing picture

On the long flight, the one from Philadelphia to Frankfurt, Germany, I managed to get some sleep, eat, and break my ear buds. 🙁 However, the plane food was actually pretty good, and it was hot! For dinner I had the choice of either chicken or pasta (I went for the pasta), a roll, a salad, some gourmet crackers & cheddar cheese, and a double crunch brownie. I was filled and very content! For breakfast I had raspberry yogurt, granola, a mixed berry flat top muffin, and a cranberry medley from Nature Box (I’ve heard good things about them. They are a healthy – no artificial sweetners, flavors, or colors – snack delivery system. You can find out more at

dinner on the plane             breakfast on the plane

Once I made it to Franfurt, I went through customs (that went as easy as it could go!) & got my checked bag. I went to the front of the airport, because that’s where I thought that Kristyn would come in from parking the car, but she actually came in from another car lot that was behind me! So we both waited for about 30 minutes in different parts of the airport because we thought that that is where we were going to be! (Note: I did try calling her, but she didn’t hear her phone ring). Eventually I walked to where Kristyn was, and where I was supposed to be, and we found each other.

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