YWAM: Intro & Orientation Week

Hey guys! Long time, no blog… Sorry about that. My summer after I got back from Germany was not all that exciting. But now, I am in Maine!! I am currently four weeks into YWAM (Youth with a Mission): The 360 Experience. I hope to start having a weekly or bimonthly blog update about what is happening in my life. It will more than likely be put up on the weekend sometime. This is an introduction blog post, so it will not be formatted like my future updates. This one is to introduce you to my team & staff & let you in on orientation week. So without further ado, please enjoy this update!

Mom & one of our good friends Justin dropped me off 4ish weeks ago. Since then, time has flown by, and I feel like I’ve been here forever. I’ll first give you the scoop of who everyone is:

360 group pic w/ names

That is the whole crew minus the director Josh & his wife Tiffany. There are 9 female students: myself, my two roommates Dora & Dani, Natalie, Courtney, Rachel, Meghan, Azsia, & Naomi. Rob is the only male student. All of the female students plus Cassidy & Emily (who are two of our staff members) live in a house together. It is basically a sorority. Rob lives with Dale (also one of our staff members) a couple of miles from us. They come over every day except for Saturdays for dinner at our house. Garrett & Sophia are married and live elsewhere. Josh & Tiffany have three adorable kids named Cadence, Silas, & Gideon & also live elsewhere.

Now I’ll let you in on what we’ve done so far. Monday – Wednesday (September 14-16) were orientation days where we learned more about the school & rules and other very exciting things like that. We also did a lot of team building exercises. One included painting a picture that depicted the 18 Values of YWAM. We worked super hard & everyone’s opinions & thoughts were heard. It was incredible to be a part of it.

360 group painting

We also did a HUGE scavenger hunt throughout South Portland that ended at a bridge that had a bunch of locks on it. 360 put one on there to signify that our time there is locked in & we are a forever family. It was a blast to discover Portland & run around like a bunch of crazy kids. I have never done a huge hunt like that, so it was so much fun for me!

360 Lock

Thursday – Saturday (September 17-19) were spent at New England Frontier Camp. It is a camp about 1 ½ -2 hours from where we live. It is a place where God rests. For real. It is amazing. But besides that, there is a lake with paddle boarding, canoeing, and kayaking. It was super fun to canoe out to the center of the lake with some girls, then hop out and try paddle boarding. It’s kinda really scary, but also awesome! I would love to try it again sometime. On Friday, we climbed Mount Chocorua which is quite an adventure… (AKA. I would love to never climb it again… like ever). Our group picture is at the top of that mountain. It was beautiful, but it was quite the process. But God is speaking to me about that, so you’ll be a part of this huge process that God is going to take me on. Anyways, on Saturday we help to clean up the camp & do whatever they needed us to do. It was an awesome time, and I would love to go back again!

Last Sunday (September 20) began the first official week of classes and an actual schedule. We had church, then Discover 101 which is a class for new people in the church to discover who New Life (the church that we are interning at) is and how they can fit in. The rest of the day was a free day.


The first three weeks of classes have flown by, and they’ve been incredible! Week 1 Josh Lebel (our director) talked about the character and nature of God. Week 2 Troy Sherman (super awesome dude) talked about relationships. Week 3 Tiffany Lebel (our director’s wife) talked about hearing the voice of God.

Soon I will be posting a more in-depth update about each week because they have all been so incredible & all need their own update. That’s it for now!

With so much love,

Rebekah 🙂