Spiritual Warfare Teaching

Hey all! I pray that all is awesome wherever you are in life! I am SO excited for my first blog post about something that I’ve learned in my DTS. This week, one of my leaders, Dale, taught us about spiritual warfare. It was super cool to see him in a teaching position in the classroom as he is usually not teaching us in there [he is usually teaching us life lessons throughout the day]. However, he was made for this! He absolutely excelled in following the promptings of Holy Spirit & teaching what God wanted him to teach. It was awesome to see him every now & again take a breath & say out loud, “Okay God, what do you want me to say here? I am not sure, so please direct me to say what you want me to say.” Or, “I am confused, and I know that you are not a God of confusion. Give me the words to speak.”

The picture is from the white board that Dale wrote on all week. In the process, he was just writing things in places & told us that it would all make sense in the end. He was correct. There was clarity in the chaos.

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New York City: Outreach Prep & Exploring

Hello everyone! I hope that you’ve had a great couple of weeks since the last time that I’ve posted. I have been kept quite busy since returning to 360 earlier this month. The team & I went to Staten Island to do Hurricane Sandy Relief work for the purpose of outreach prep. We leave in about a month & a half for Nepal, so the leaders wanted to work out some of the kinks before we left for the real deal. We had a few days in New York City to explore. It was so much fun!

On Staten Island, we worked on two houses. The houses were built, but there was still much to do. We did insulation, painting, priming, caulking, cleaning, electrical, & anything else that they needed us to do. We worked hard, but there was so much fun involved! Everyone was laughing & having a good time basically all of the time. It was so fun to be a part of such an incredible team who love each other & constantly build everyone up.

We had 2 free days in the city, & it was my first time exploring such a big city! It was super fun & we saw A LOT! On Sunday, we went to Hillsong NYC, which was incredible!! The worship was awesome & the message was so relevant. It was about making God your first love again. Continue reading “New York City: Outreach Prep & Exploring”


Dear 2015

Dear 2015,

You were quite the year for me.

I became homecoming queen. I went to Cleveland, Ohio with 9 other seniors + my principle [& some people from his church] from my high school to help transform a church that was last decorated in the 70s. I went to my last homecoming & had a ton of fun with my friends. I went to my last junior/senior [not prom]. I went to King’s Island one last time with my school. I graduated high school. [PRAISE!] I went on my senior trip that I helped plan for the majority of the year. I got my first henna tattoo. I had a joint graduation celebration with two of my cousins that fell on my 18th birthday & the majority of my extended family came [which was awesome because I love my family]. I went to Virginia with my family to watch my cousin graduate high school & turned that into a vacation. I caught up with one of my best friends who moved to Texas. I started my blog. I traveled by myself for the first time to Germany to visit my aunt, uncle & little cousin for a month [read about my adventures!]. I went to the Air1 Positive Hits Tour & met some really cool people. Then finally I moved to Maine for The 360 Experience – a gap year program that is part of YWAM [youth with a mission] in September. Since I’ve moved to Maine I’ve gained more sisters, done team building exercises like – camping, hiking a mountain, painting a picture, & other games. I’ve also been taught, learned, grown, & stretched WAY out of my comfort zone. I’ve seen & taken pictures at some really beautiful places like Portland Headlight, an apple farm, & Boston. I also did a 23 hour stint at home where my family met my 360 family on our way to Alabama for an YWAM conference. I met some AWESOME people at the Alabama conference & God did some really cool things through me that I’ll talk about in a later post. I have officially been to Boston in the fall, so now I will have to lie or change the lyrics when I sing that Veggie Tales song. I attended the Love Feast that the staff put on for all the students [it’s where we got all fancy & they served us all evening – from our food to washing our feet]. I went home for Christmas & picked up our exchange student from 8 years ago Zehafta [she’s from Ethiopia]. I had an awesome time being home where it was mostly chill. I had a super fun day in Nashville with my family & some of our friends. I finally brought in the new year with my family in our house.

I’ve done, accomplished, achieved, grown, & lived so much in this year. I’ve learned to love & accept myself & my past. I’ve learned to really know that God is always with me & that He loves me through all of it [Colton Dixon reference, but really]. I’ve learned that I CANNOT do it by myself. I’ve learned the difference between being comfortable [something that I think we SHOULD be with God. I think that we need to view our relationship with Him as one that we are extremely comfortable with, such as a best friend or spouse. You feel no shame discussing anything & everything with that person]  & complacent [something we should NEVER be. I think that this is comfort gone wrong. When you are complacent, you are stagnant & there is no growth in your relationship]. I also learned that confrontation is healthy

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who is in my life & has made it fun & exciting. This year is definitely one for the books, and I CANNOT wait to see what God has in store for 2016.

With so much love,

Rebekah 🙂