Dear Homecoming Queen

Dear Homecoming Queen,

I hope you know that this changes nothing. This is not your identity. This is not your one-way ticket to popularity or to the guy you’ve been seriously crushing on since freshman year. This is not an amazing experience where all of a sudden people look at you different or treat you differently. It almost seems like it never happened because life just keeps moving on.

You get all these ideas about what it’s going to feel like if you win. You think that everything said above will magically come true & that your whole world will change dramatically. You think that you will feel better about yourself because the student body picked YOU. YOU are the chosen one…

But, in reality, nothing changes inside. You feel the same. You might feel great about yourself for maybe a couple of hours, but in reality, you know that absolutely everything goes back to normal eventually. You still wish, however, that it would bring you more joy, peace, happiness, likability, identity, love, acceptance, etc. But none of that is true. It is a lie that the enemy tells us to try to fill our Jesus hole with something that is not Him & everyone knows that a square cannot fit into a circle shaped hole.

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