Christmas Break 2015

Hello everyone! It’s been a while. I am currently at home on Christmas break from my DTS. It’s been a blessing to be home to regroup & gain some rest so that I can finish strong! My family has had a few relaxing days where we just played board games, but we definitely had fun days where we went out. For example, we went to Nashville with some of our friends for a day! It was SO much fun! We watched a Nashville Predators [hockey] game. They played the New York Rangers & won 5-3!

Nashville Preds vs NY Rangers game 2015

our row of people @ Preds game 2015

EVERYBODY @ Preds game in Nashville 2015

& we went ice skating!! I didn’t fall once!! 🙂

Zach & I trying to ice skate 2015

Zachariah wanted me to push him because he wanted to get comfortable skating backward. I was impressed that he trusted me that much as I was SUPER uncomfortable skating forwards. However, neither of us fell, so that’s a blessing.

Laura & I ice skating 2015

Jo & I ice skating 2015

Christmas obviously also happened during this break. Stein Christmas tree 2015 Stein fam + bigger names Christmas 2015

This is where we [my siblings + any exchange students that are staying with us] sit [or on a set of stairs wherever we are celebrating Christmas] on Christmas morning every Christmas morning since forever ago. We sit here & wait for Mama & Papa to fill our stockings, then we recite [read] Luke 20:1-20 (which is the Christmas story for those of you who don’t know). I went to a Christian school & when we were in 2nd grade our teacher made us memorize those verses in the King James Version & recite them at the annual elementary Christmas special. My wonderful parents thought that we should continue that in our home, and it’s been done for many, many years. I don’t remember when it started, but it seems like we’ve been doing it forever.


I’ve also unleashed my creative side more. I never really thought that I was creative, but as I explore the creative opportunities that I’ve been given, I’m realizing that I really enjoy being creative. One such example was one afternoon when my high school friends got together & we decorated Christmas sweater cookies. The box said that they should be ugly Christmas sweater cookies, but mine were pretty cute. [I still have yet to eat them as I don’t want to ruin my creations.]

ugly sprinkle Christmas sweater cookie 2015 ugly ruffle Christmas sweater cookie 2015

ugly elf Christmas sweater cookie 2015 ugly Santa hat Christmas cookie 2015

Well that is all for now! I will be posting again with a review of sorts of this year [2015] and what I am expecting about the new year [2016]! I hope that you enjoyed reading about my break, and I will write again soon!

With so much love,

Rebekah 🙂


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