Germany: Part 2

Hello everyone!! Happy belated July 4/ Independence Day!!! I hope your day has been full of American goodness & lots of yummy food & good times with your friends, family, neighbors, etc!! I celebrated by BBQing some homemade hamburgers as my something American for the day. Anywho, I will now continue from where I left off in my last blog.

Sunday, June 28, 2015. For breakfast we made pancakes & fruit salad. YUMMY!! Church was in the afternoon, so we just had the morning to hang around. And that morning was very important to my uncle, as he was going to make me my first cup of German coffee. I had told him before that I didn’t like coffee, but that I was willing to try anything. So he made me a latte, and…. I really did not like it at all!!! I would post a reaction picture, but I really don’t want that face on the internet, so I won’t. Kristyn also let me try her iced cappucino another day (which is about 80% milk, 18% coffee, 2% sugar & ice cubes), and I still found the coffee too bitter.

i don't like coffee

For lunch, we headed to Oma’s (Mogi’s grandmother) where she cooks every Sunday for Mogi’s parents, but Mogi & Kristyn only go every few weeks. She made us ham, mashed cauliflower, and baked potatoes. I ate the ham and tried the cauliflower, but I did not like the cauliflower, so Kristyn ate it. After lunch, it was time for coffee & cakes. As we figured out earlier, I really don’t like coffee, so I just ate some cake. However, that was fine by me!

We headed home after Oma’s, because we still had a few hours before church. When we got home, I changed because I had a cute outfit idea. And who knew when the next time I could kind of dress up would be? (I guess I should point out that today’s church was a big Passion meeting of all the small groups to give testimonies, have some worship, and have a short message). At church, a few people spoke English and came up and said ”hi” to me. If you were one of those people, danke (thanks!). Kristyn translated it all for me, as you know, they spoke German. There were some really awesome testimonies! The worship was in German, so I just made up my own words. And the message was really cool. It was about God’s glory. Sometimes He works through us, and sometimes He works just by himself. Both are really awesome!!

After church, we Skyped my grandparents (aka Kristyn & my mom’s parents). I also FaceTimed with Abby Sams & my family, as she was at my house. It was so good to talk to her & the rest of the clan!! <3 We had dinner (but no one remembers what we had. It has been about a week..). Mogi read a passage out of Galatians, and then we all dicussed it. We also had communion as a little family. Then we all went to bed.

” ydf               fddgf” – message from Caleb, my super cute cousin

cutesy Caleb

Monday, June 29, 2015. In the morning, Kristyn and I went out into the garden to pick raspberries, cucumbers, cherries, lettuce, lemon grass, and johannes berries from the neighbor’s garden. They also have some absoluety beautiful roses in their garden too!

berries from the neighbors

roses from the garden

the biggest cucumber ever

We had lunch, which included the lettuce from the garden in a salad. YUM! And Kristyn also made some pierogi lasagna. Which is basically just potatoes (sweet potatoes in this case), cheese, and lasagna noodles. Except that I don’t really enjoy potatoes, so this was not my favorite thing to eat. Then later in the afternoon, Kristyn & Caleb had a “parent & kid” swim class. I went along just to see what it was all about. We kinda got lost on our way there, but we did eventually find the place, and we weren’t even late! It was really cute to see all the little babies kicking around, obviously with their parents holding them. The instructor lady came around to each parent/baby and taught the parent how to hold the baby so that they learn to kick and things like that.

After watching them, we headed home to have dinner before going to small groups at someone else’s house. It was leftover pierogi lasagna, so I just made some salami sandwiches. After dinner, we went to a couple’s house where they host the small group. There were only 7 of us, but that is all that come to this small group. They had some food like cakes, oven cheese, oven cheese & bread <3

and strawberry yogurt. The people were extremely nice, and they even tried to speak in English for me for a little bit, but then they couldn’t get across what they wanted, so they switched back to German. It was fine however, because Kristyn translated for me. They had recently done an outreach to some immigrants, by BBQing some hotdogs/ sausages for them. They had yet to discuss it, so they did then and planned another one for when I am here! They also discussed some of the things that have and will be doing with their lives, and those people are doing some incredible things! One lady is going to drive all arond Germany with one of her friends and stopping where the Holy Spirit says to stop. Then they will minister or love the people in that area. That is super awesome! It was getting quite late, so we headed home to sleep for the night.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015. It was a typical morning. Then Kristyn had me cup up some veggies for lunch because Mogi & one of his coworkers were coming. I cut a red onion and was amazed at how cute & spiraly (not a word, I know) the end piece was. I don’t know if I had ever cut an onion before because my mom doesn’t cook with them very often. I was also reminded of Shrek saying, “Layers. Onions have layers. Ogres have layers… You get it? We both have layers.” There are so many layers to the onion, but I also agree with Donkey, “Oh, you both have LAYERS. Oh. You know, not everybody like onions. CAKE! Everybody loves cake! Cakes have layers!” Cake is WAY better than onions, and it should be in everyone’s opinion, but it’s espically true in mine. Anywho, we made taco salad, and it was a big hit, especially for Mogi’s coworker who had never had it before.

After lunch we headed out to actually explore a part of Germany!! We went to Schwäbisch Hall, Germany which is about a 10 minute drive from the Mogler’s (their last name) house. It is a city that has lots to do!

exploring Schwaebisch Hall

Schwaebisch Hall houses #1

Caleb & I in Schwaebisch Hall

Schwaebisch Hall houses #2

Schwäbish Hall has its own Globe Theatre that is based off the London one. It is an approximation of the London one and was built in 2000. On the sides of the theatre, it has Shakespear quotes. It is quite impressive to see.

the other Globe Theater #1                 the other Globe Theatre #2

We walked around downtown some more and saw a man playing an acordian. Kristyn said that there are often people playing music on the streets. We found free public bathrooms that were pretty nice! We saw some people practicing for a play on the front stairs of a huge old church (St. Michael’s Church), and other shops throughout the different streets and lanes.

After walking around for a while, we decided to get some ice cream as a treat (and hopefully some energy) because we were going to climb up the bell tower to view the whole city from way up. I ordered spaghetti eis (which is just vanilla ice cream that kind of looks likes spaghetti, with strawberry topping (that obviously looks like the sauce) and white chocolate shavings on top). It was absolutely delicious!!! Caleb & Kristyn shared a banana split, but Caleb got most of it on his face. He’s still really cute though! The bowl/ plate things that our ice cream came in were also super cute!

me & spaghetti eis Caleb's cutesy messy face

super cute ice cream bowls

After ice cream, we headed to the church, where we went up the back stairs (because of Caleb’s stroller). It was a little bit of a struggle, but we made it! We first went into the sanctuary to look around. It was quite impressive (as most old churches are) to see all the architecture that people built without the help of all the modern machinery. It’s really incredible!!

A fun fact is that Dietrich Bonhoeffer and his family were originally from the Schwäbisch Hall area! There was a little area dedicated to him & his family. It was very interesting!

Dietrich Bonhoeffer info #2  Dietrich Bonhoeffer #3

Deitrich Bonhoeffer info #1

Later, we headed up to the bell tower, where we had to climb up so many stairs! It was worth it, however, and it was amazing to see all the houses from so far up!

bell tower #2 bell tower pic #1

bell in bell tower (Here is one of the bells. They are so massive!)

After descending all of the stairs, we decided to go home because we were so hot & tired. Mogi BBQed us some sausage for dinner, then we hit the sack.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015. Caleb had a fever all day, so we didn’t really do anything. We just hung out inside. I wrote & published my last blog post then. Kristyn also wasn’t feeling the best, so I made dinner. As I was making dinner, the bread truck came!! I used that as my something German for the day.

image      (there is the neighbor lady, Kristyn & Caleb, & Mogi’s dad Guenter)

I made Creamy Garlic Fusilli Pasta. It was pretty good if I do say so myself. (Kristyn, Mogi, and one of Mogi’s friends named Gabriel also agreed). Link Here for recipe!

image image


Thank you all for reading about my days here! I love it so much!! Also, thank you to everyone who has been praying for me; it is very much appreciated!!

With so much love,

Rebekah 🙂


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  1. Sounds like you’re having an awesome time! Loving the updates! Is the language barrier very difficult? I’ll keep you in my prayers! 🙂

    1. It has been amazing! Thank you so much! And not really. My aunt and uncle both speak German fluently, so they just translate everything. It also helps that some people can speak a little bit of English.

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